Our Billing Process:

Transcend Medical Billing programs are designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to be a successful professional and provides you with comprehensive solutions to grow your business. Every element from software training and support services, collection solutions and provider credentialing. You'll have the ability to focus more on your patients while we generate more revenue stream for your business.



Transcend Medical Billing works with your practice to design a system applicable for your office that will get us the information to process your billing in a more efficient and accurate way possible. We work with you to make the start up of medical billing process as smooth and painless as possible.


DATA SHARING and information

There are several options for sharing the data. Some of our customers prefer us to do all the data entry for them, Others prefer to enter the basic demographic information on patients, along with other encounter information. This data can either be entered directly into your practice management systems and if your running and working on a cloud, web base system  all of these information can be shared remotely through your HIPAA web server or VPN connection. Doing this part of the data processing may decrease your cost with us as well as saving cost longterm.

We are very flexible about how we exchange information with you. Options include electronic transmissions, US mail, fax and web server. We customize information exchange in each case to suit your practice needs.


claims processing and follow-up

One of the main points of outsourcing and using a billing service is that we do all the processing and the follow-up on claims. You are relieved of the burden of worrying about which claims was paid, how to resolve denied and rejected claims, and checking claims that were processed but never paid, etc. We have very thorough system which ensures all claims are scrub and received in a timely manner by the payer. We contact the insurance companies immediately on any denied claims and claims that have not been adjudicated. We also review claims that are paid at a lower rate than we expected.


payments; who receives the checks?

Most of our customers prefer to have the checks sent directly to their practice mailing address or office. Some of our customers prefer to have us manage their deposits for them. We can discuss which of these options works best with your needs. Increasingly payments are made by direct electronic fund transfer, via ACH directly from the insurance companies into your bank account.


payment posting

For many insurance companies, we receive an electronic remittance advise which shows the payment received, and we upload this data directly into the system (for most client depending on your PM system). For most payers that sends out paper EOB which accompanies the check, when you received the payment correspondence you will need to send us a copy. Whether the claim is paid electronically or by paper check, as soon as the payments are posted, we immediately follow-up on any denials, unpaid claims or claims paid lower than the regular allowable rate. 


Billing inquiries and patient phone calls

We work as an extension of your practice and we recommend to our customers to set us with an extension for billing so that when a patients is calling about their bills the calls is re-directed to us, without interrupting your practice.


Transcend Medical billing compensation

We charge a percentage of the amount you receive on each claim which includes insurance payments, co-insurance and copays. We do not get paid until you do, and our payments are based only on the amounts you receive, not the amounts billed. We send you an invoice each month along with the report of all the payments received and showing the amount owed to us.


customer support

We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service. Each practice is assign to a Billing Team. That way there is a group of trained billers who are all familiar with your practice, and can cover any issues that arise, even if one member of the team is out sick or on vacation. You will have a HIPAA compliant electronic contact through our secure online communication system. We strive to provide outstanding customer service, and to respond to all phone calls, emails, faxes, etc. very promptly. We believe that outstanding customer service and excellent communication are two of the most important aspects of good billing service.

Become our client and partner with us

We work with you to make sure that there is a smooth transition. The time from signing the contract to sending out the first test claims varies with the size and complexity of your practice, but is roughly 1-2 weeks for most practice already established and 3-4 weeks for new practice. In all cases, we ensure that all the necessary set-up and link is completed and verified before any claims are uploaded and sent out. We provide training as needed throughout the startup process. (On-site training is available at an additional fee)

Once you have decided that outsourcing your billing is the best way to go, please fill out the form below and one of our account manager will get back to you.

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