Since 2011, we have led the effort to be recognized as one of the best Medical Billing Company in the Northwest. We offer a unique combination of proven experience and help practices just like yours succeed. After all, when your cash flow improves, it's much easier to stay focused on what's important -- your  patients. 


Our Mission

Transcend Medical Billing is committed to our customers and employees. We are dedicated to delivering the highest levels of satisfaction in the implementation and ongoing support of our medical billing solutions. We apply quality principles to the needs of our customers with targeted training and complete support.

Through all of our experiences and expertise, we make it easy for our client to understand the benefit of paperless billing and revenue management system. We do it right the first time so that all of our claims are seamless to the customer and enable them to succeed by delivering services that are customized to their business needs today!

By leveraging our expertise in all sizes and types of practices, we are able to build unique relationships with our clients and deliver cost effective services to support our customer needs.

We will continue to challenge ourselves to deliver the highest level of medical billing service, claim  accuracy, patient statements, collections, and customer satisfaction in the industry.

Transcend Medical Billing has helped group of Surgeons recover over 4 years of old account receivables and still going. And they accomplish the task in less than a year. They inspired and motivate all of us. Thank you. “LLM”
— Lori

What we do

  • Posting and Claim Processing (All Claims will be filed within 24-48 hours or within (5) days 
  • Billing all Insurance Companies - Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.
  • Fee:  We charge between 7% to 14% of what we collect and post monthly
  • Claim Follow-up and Resubmission
  • Remittance and payment posting
  • Patient Statement and Processing (Billing Statement sent daily.
  • Insurance Appeals on denials and low claim reimbursement.
  • Account Receivable Management.
  • Patient payment arrangement (Per individual Practice Policy)
  • Pre-collection letters and past due notices
  • Performance Reporting.
  • e-statements sent to your patients (Client must provide email addresses)
  • Consistent follow-up on accounts 45+ days old.